NedPower was founded by  the Niessen brothers from The Netherlands in 1995 and started its operations developing wind farms in Asia and Europe.    It then moved on to developing wind farms on the East Coast in the US at a time when wind energy was still something of a novelty on the East Coast.

NedPower is best known for developing the NedPower Mount Storm wind farm in West Virginia, which,  with its 162 turbines (264 MW), is still the largest wind farm East of the Mississippi.   After completing the development of this large project,  NedPower sold it to Shell, which subsequently sold 50% of it to Dominion Resources, the leading energy provider in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and  Northeast.

NedPower believes that with the wind energy market maturing in the US, and the US Government pushing hard to increase the role of renewables in general and “small” hydro power in particular,  the time is right to move into the “small” hydro power  space in the US.   NedPower’s  goal is to become one of the leading “small” hydro power developers and operators in the Eastern US by 2018 through a combination of acquisitions and development of projects ranging from 5 MW to 40 MW. To achieve that ambitious goal,  NedPower has assembled a strong team with years of experience,  a proven track record and a deep knowledge of all sectors of the power industry worldwide.